Owner Rescue Program


Your tenant has not paid their rent, your property has been trashed, and you have not had to deal with evicting a tenant before. 


What Should You Do? 

An eviction can be very expensive, very tedious in dealing with legal issues, and you'll still be stuck with a lot of work when the tenant is evicted!

Davies Property Management has extensive experience in "rescuing" landlords from tenants who are not paying their rent. 


What We Offer

  • Get your tenant to start paying rent with an updated lease agreement - OR - Post notices to vacate and begin the eviction process
  • Follow through with an eviction to remove the tenant
  • Clean up the property and get it rent ready

We will either get your tenant back paying rent again or help you evict them. 

We are quite effective in negotiating with tenant to either pay the rent or move, saving you cost of eviction. If an eviction is required our team is ready to help.  


Property Repair and Clean Up After Eviction

We will provide you a video walk through of the property so that you can see what work needs to be done to get the property "RENT READY" for the next tenant. We have experienced vendor partners that can help restore your property back to TOP condition. We work closely with local, professional contractors who offer us priority scheduling at competitive rates. Coordinating all the turnover repairs and cleaning is part of the services covered in our fees. Once your rental property is in rent ready condition you can choose to hire our full property management services or continue to self manage your property.


How Much Does This Service Cost? 

The costs for this service is a flat $500 plus expenses (court costs are extra). Once you engage our services we will start the process to get your tenant back on track paying rent or evict them. 


Contact us to find your next Tenant or to discuss any of the following services:

  • Evicting the current tenant
  • Preparing the property for the next occupant
  • Marketing the property
  • Finding, screening and leasing to a new Tenant
  • Managing the Tenant and your property