Collecting Rent for Your Investment

Our core belief is that our success should be directly tied to your success. We are dedicated to guaranteeing that you receive timely payments, without compromise.

Our primary objective is to guarantee that you receive your full rent payment punctually. To accomplish this, we handle all aspects of lease documentation, lease signing, and rent collection each month, providing residents with a range of payment options, from online to in-person, for added convenience. These options are designed to expedite the delivery of your monthly earnings.

We typically expect payments to be made by the first day of each month, taking into consideration occasional delays caused by bank holidays or weekends.

Our dedicated Accounting person closely monitors tenant payments on a daily basis to ensure prompt action is taken in cases of non-payment or insufficient funds (NSF).

Remarkably, 98.5% of our tenants consistently meet their monthly rent obligations. However, in the rare event of a missed payment, we have implemented equitable yet stringent rent collection policies that adhere to state law requirements.

We wrap up our monthly accounting processes by the 20th day of each month and proceed to transfer your funds via auto direct payment directly to your preferred bank account.