Management Fee Guarantee

We are in this together. Pay us only when we deliver on our promise, placing a quality Tenant and securing the rent. We believe that if we cannot collect the rent, then we should NOT get paid. If your tenant does not pay their rent, we do not charge our fee. There is no monthly "Vacancy" fee at Davies Property Management.


Leasing Fee Guarantee

You do not pay us any leasing fee until we have a signed lease and collect the first month rent from the tenant. In addition, we do not charge any admin fee or fees while the property is vacant. 


Satisfaction Guarantee

In consideration of the trust you have shown towards our company we feel you deserve the finest possible service and greatest loyalty in the management of your investment property.

You can be certain that we will only provide you with the 'very best of service' at all times.

Should you, for any reason not be entirely satisfied with our services within the first 30 days of our agreement with you, we invite you to advise us in writing, and if we do not rectify the matter within fourteen (14) days, you have the option of terminating our agreement immediately with no questions asked. 


Intelligent Tenant Screening

Selecting the right tenant can be an overwhelming task when you have multiple applications. To assist our Owners with selecting the most qualified Tenant, we have adopted a qualification formula. By using this proprietary Intelligent Tenant Screening system, all tenants are scored to determine if they are qualified. The higher the score, the more qualified the Tenant. This system has reduced our eviction rates to under 2% annually.


Tenant Placement Guarantee

If a tenant we place in your property fails to abide by the contract in the first year and must be removed, we will waive our fee to a secure a new tenant.


Response Time Guarantee

Nobody likes waiting for a response, that is why we promise to respond to all communication within 1 business day. 


24/7 Online Reports

We provide you with secure online access to your portfolio of properties, monthly statements, reports and rental history with a click of a mouse 24/7. 


Trust and Happiness

Our business has been serving investors and renters since 1984, so you know we will be here tomorrow (and the next day and next day) with honest, relationship and integrity based service.