How We Screen Our Rental Applicants

Utilizing a unique in-house screening system that blends tailored processing with cutting-edge data search technology, we significantly reduce the chances of leasing to problematic tenants. Our track record includes successfully processing more than 20,000 rental applications, resulting in an impressive 98% rate of rent collection.

Tenant selection is a pivotal aspect of property management, as it can benefit everyone involved. We understand the value of placing responsible, long-term tenants who pay their rent on time and maintain the property. The results of our industry-leading screening process reflect our commitment to this goal.

Having processed over 20,000 rental applications, we have gained valuable insights into identifying high-quality tenants. With a remarkable 98% rent payment rate and an eviction rate of less than 1% annually, our track record speaks for itself.

Our technology enables prospective tenants to sign up for automatic notifications about upcoming rental properties, streamlining the leasing process and establishing a virtual waiting list for future vacancies.

Effective Property Management requires a thorough screening process. Davies Property Management mandates detailed applications from all applicants, going beyond a simple credit check. Our comprehensive review covers credit, income, employment, landlord reference, and other factors. We verify information such as the number of occupants, move-in date, pets, and rental duration. Verifiable income is essential, and we carefully assess rental history.

Furthermore, we do not impose any minimum management fees during property vacancies. Our management fee is only charged as a percentage of the actual rental income we collect. This means you won't incur any management fees when your property is unoccupied.


Davies Property Management does not accept cosigners, emphasizing that applicants should qualify based on their own merits. However, in exceptional cases, we may consider a cosigner. In such instances, we make it clear to the guarantor/cosigner that they share equal responsibility for the lease terms.


Davies Property Management has a pet policy. Our application includes a section for prospective tenants to list their pets, promoting full disclosure. If ensure that only suitable pets are placed in the property. There is a limit of 2 pets per unit and a maximum of 3 pets per property, in compliance with the City of Edmonton bylaw.  We also have a list of unauthorized pets that can be found on our pet policy section

Our 9-point applicant screening process

  1. Income
  2. Employment
  3. Credit Check
  4. Pre-qualifications
  5. Eviction Check
  6. Landlord Verification *if required
  7. Public Records
  8. Pet Verification
  9. Collections History